Expand and replicate pilot-studies into United States and/or Europe


1) Identify synergies and align the research projects and goals we have in CICESE to be presented in a way that might be relevant to the rest of the CERES partners and trainees. From an HCI/Ubicomp perspective, we have identified three major lines of inquiry: i) Replicate in Mexico, USA and/or Europe the pilot-studies we have conducted to deepen our understanding of the use of innovative technology at a collective level involving at least two countries; ii) Create a database of grounthruth data from children interactions that can be used to train and test machine learning models; iii) Design and develop innovative technology to augment the commercial technology that is currently being used and adjusted for a different purpose; iv) Adjust the prototypes we have developed in CICESE to target a different but related problem. From a domain perspective, we identified two potential problems where our work can be of importance: i) the screening and treatment of individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders; and/or ii) the alteration of the self perception of individuals with mental disorders.

2) Pinpoint training opportunities for CICESE’s trainees majorly devoted towards running large scale randomized control trials; and improving CICESE’s writing and verbal skills to present their work in a way that is truly engaging to different audiences.