Braille for Builders


Video games have become central to young learners’ social and technical development. In 2018, researchers found that half of all Australian children aged 6 – 12 actively played Minecraft. Since then, games like Roblox have amassed even more players than Minecraft, solidifying the digital sandbox as an enduring medium for kids to socialize and learn. Unfortunately, though, these experiences are not accessible to blind learners. Recent studies show screen readers, the status quo for how blind people interact with computer interfaces, fail to relate the relative size and position of elements on screen. To overcome this barrier, we propose a solution that combines augmented reality, spatial audio, and encodable physical blocks. We are seeking funding to evaluate whether this approach enables blind people to effectively create basic interactive 3D game levels. Furthermore, we aim to evaluate whether this learning tool can facilitate co-design between sighted and blind peers, and if participating in such a process promotes feelings of belonging in blind students.   

Project Team