Wesley Hanwen Deng

1st Year PhD
Affiliation: Carnegie Mellon University

Research Focus/Background: My research focuses on facilitating conversations and collective actions between varied critical stakeholders in Machine Learning (ML) practice. How might we get more diverse stakeholders meaningfully involved in the design and development of ML systems that impact their life? To answer this question, I intend to build frameworks and systems to enable innovative, interactive, and participatory ML system life cycles.

Problem/goals to address as part of CERES: Drawing from participatory design and informal learning theory, I plan to collaborate with local nonprofit organizations and community centers (e.g., Assemble Pittsburgh) to create intergenerational learning experience about ML algorithm used by public sectors in Pittsburgh for parents and K-12 kids, especially those from marginalized communities.

Location of Research Projects: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.

When Not Working: Swimming. Tennis. Reading books in local Cafes.