Ken Holstein

Ken Holstein
Assistant Professor
Affiliation: Human-Computer Interaction Institute

Research Focus/Background:

Our group’s research focuses primarily on the design, development, and evaluation of human-AI collaborative systems in real-world social contexts. We combine approaches from HCI, AI, design, cognitive science, the learning sciences, and statistics, among other areas.

Problem/goals to address as part of CERES: 

  • Helping children and families learn about algorithmic systems that impact their lives (e.g., civic algorithms), and preparing them to participate in (re)design or advocacy around these systems.
  • Studying and supporting professional learning in the context of human-AI collaborative work (esp. forms of work that impact children and families, such as AI-assisted child social work).

Location of Research Projects: 

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

When Not Working:

Watching, listening, and/or dancing to Sesame Street with my toddler.