Kaitlyn Burnell

Year 2 Postdoc Associate
Affiliation: Psychology & Neuroscience, Duke University

Research Focus/Background: My research examines how adolescents and emerging adults use digital technologies in a way that reflects their ongoing developmental tasks and challenges. I adapt traditional theories, with a specific focus on self-presentation and social comparison, and study how these classic theories apply to contemporary young people’s digital technology use. I have a special interest in harnessing various methodologies (passive sensing, observations of digital content) in addressing these research questions.
Problem/goals to address as part of CERES: I hope to develop partnerships that can result in the direct application and translation of critical research findings to the general public, with the hope of enhancing young people’s everyday digital lives.
Location of Research Projects: North Carolina; Dallas, Texas
When Not Working: Reading, cycling, swimming, hiking, paddleboarding and spending lots of time outside with my husband, Jake, and dog, JP.