Jasmin Breitwieser

Year 1 Postdoc
Affiliation: Education & Human Development

Research Focus/Background: My research focuses on the development of interventions that help children self-regulate their learning (i.e., setting goals, planning, controlling, reflecting). I examine how we can prompt children to use these strategies successfully within digital learning environments. I’m also interested in inter-individual differences that determine which interventions are effective for which child.
Problem/goals to address as part of CERES: Developing a mobile app that helps children self-regulate their learning using learning apps, thereby promoting their learning success and improving their self-regulation skills. I’d love to cooperate with other researchers as well as industry partners to develop the best version of this app and make it available to the general public.
Location of Research Projects: Germany
When Not Working: playing chess, boxing, walking, going to the movies, reading (mostly fiction)