J. Maya Hernandez

4th year PhD
Affiliation: Psychological Science and Informatics

Research Focus/Background: Extending across developmental psychology, informatics, and public health, my current research aims to address mental health disparities among adolescents in the US by leveraging social technologies to integrate culturally and developmentally appropriate supports and resources. I also investigate psychosocial development and family dynamics as indicators of wellbeing in the digital age. Although primarily quantitative, I utilize mixed methods and participatory action research approaches.

Problem/goals to address as part of CERES:As a part of CERES, I hope that my work will improve the translational research work to industry via academic research to implement critical sociocultural design and evidence-based content in digital spaces adolescents already occupy. Given the global diversity of this braintrust, my hope is that this work can also help address mental health disparities for youth around the world through collaboration and strengthening methodologies. 

Location of Research Projects: UC Irvine, Wellesley College, Duke University, and UCLA

When Not Working: You can find me either at a beach or hiking, trying new foods (huge foodie), spearheading a Japanese American women’s culture and leadership non-profit organization in San Francisco and volunteering for the Go For Broke National Education Center in Los Angeles. 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JMayaHdez 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/j-maya-hernandez/ 

Website: https://scholar-mayahernandez.com/