Aymee Alvarez Rivero

2nd year PhD
Affiliation: Psychology, NADEL Center for Development and Cooperation at ETH Zurich

Research Focus/Background: My research has typically focused on the neural basis of numerical cognition and math abilities. More recently, I have expanded my research interests to lange and reading abilities. I am currently working on a project to investigate compensatory neural pathways for reading that are developed by children who have typical reading skills, despite having a genetic risk of Dyslexia.
Problem/goals to address as part of CERES: I am looking forward to collaborate with students from other areas in multidisciplinary projects about neurodevelopment. In addition, I hope we can collaborate with industry partners to develop educational products that have a robust scientific background, as well as screening or assessment tools for the early detection of specific learning disorders.
Location of Research Projects: Canada and the US.
When Not Working: I love street photography, so often times I just walk around my city with my camera. I enjoy reading, specially about astrophysics and the universe. Currently trying to learn how to play the piano and the ukulele… not sure if I’m succeeding or not