Anh Le

Anh Le
1st year PhD
Affiliation: Information Science

Research Focus/Background:

My main research focus examines how first generation immigrant families leverage their knowledge of the online search process and language skills to find important household information with the focus on the collaborative relationship of children and adults in multi generational household units. Before returning to graduate school, I worked in a health care workforce research lab and I was also a previous Project Manager at Starbucks. 

Problem/goals to address as part of CERES:

I am excited to meet and collaborate with other CERES scholars, learn about other scholars’ research projects, and grow as a researcher through this process. 

Location of Research Projects:

Seattle, WA USA and the Greater Seattle area and Vietnam in the future 

When Not Working:

Time is a luxury these days so when I do have free time, I spend them with my husband and chow chow puppy Tofu