Group: Faculty

Ron Dahl

Research Focus/Background: Ron Dahl is the Director of the Institute of Human Development and a Distinguished Professor in the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley. For than 30 years he has been contributing to interdisciplinary research advancing understanding of child and adolescent development, behavioral/emotional health in youth, adolescent brain development, and the clinical, public …

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Catherine Draper

Research Focus/Background: My background is in psychology and public health, and my research interests include the development and evaluation of community-based health promotion interventions. I am particularly interested in early childhood development and health in low-income settings. Problem/goals to address as part of CERES: The development of an accessible mobile tool to support community health …

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Stacy Branham

Research Focus/Background: I investigate how technologies operate in social settings where one or more people has a disability, yielding actionable design guidance and proof of concept prototypes. My recent and ongoing studies explore how technology can isolate, offend, and harm people with disabilities, as much as it has the potential to integrate and empower them …

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Jenna Burrell

Research Focus/Background: My research is concerned with the new challenges and opportunities of digital connectivity among groups in the margins both in the US and sub-saharan Africa. My most recent research considers rural communities that host core infrastructure of the Internet. I am also interested in the divergent consequences of classification algorithms to dominant and …

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Patrick Carrington

Patrick Carrington

Research Focus/Background: I am an Assistant Professor in the HCII in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. I direct the AXLE Lab where our research focuses on designing systems to support people with diverse abilities. I study mobile and wearable technology, build assistive devices, and explore how technology can support empowerment, independence, …

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Ken Holstein

Ken Holstein

Research Focus/Background: Our group’s research focuses primarily on the design, development, and evaluation of human-AI collaborative systems in real-world social contexts. We combine approaches from HCI, AI, design, cognitive science, the learning sciences, and statistics, among other areas. Problem/goals to address as part of CERES:  Helping children and families learn about algorithmic systems that impact …

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Amy Ogan

Amy Ogan

Research Focus/Background: Amy Ogan is the Moran Associate Professor of Learning Science in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at CMU. Her research encompasses areas including: cultural issues in educational technologies, engendering rapport and relationships with social technologies to aid learning, and supporting teacher professional development through classroom sensing, resulting in the development of new technologies as …

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Alexis Hiniker

Research Focus/Background: Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction, Interaction Design Problem/goals to address as part of CERES: Child wellbeing online, exploitative design, child privacy and data collection, supporting parent-child relationships  Location of Research Projects: United States When Not Working: Long-distance running, playing the piano, hanging out with my kids, feeding my unhealthy addiction to “The Bachelor” franchise

Jason Yip

Jason Yip

Research Focus/Background: Libraries and Information Sciences, Digital Learning, Participatory Design, Learning Sciences, and Child-Computer Interaction Problem/goals to address as part of CERES: New Digital Divide, Accessible Education, Computer Supported Collaborative Learning, Algorithmic Education Location of Research Projects: Seattle, USA, and some international.  When Not Working: Video games, Foofoo the Dog, and houseplants

Amy Orben

Amy Orben

Research Focus/Background: Adolescence, well-being, social media use, longitudinal modelling, open science Problem/goals to address as part of CERES:  data donation from industry to research using data rights protocols, open science teaching, linking cognition to the impact of digital technology use in adolescence Location of Research Projects: United Kingdom When Not Working: Spent walking for very …

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